Presentation at Groningen:




 My calculation of the deuteron 2H binding energy has been verified by A. Bobeszko:

There are some restrictions:

"The internucleon distance is much less than experimentally estimated."

The separation distances r and a are not internucleon distances, not considered here. They separate pointlike electric charges and magnetic moments.

A single horizontal inflection point is obtained by adjusting the parameter a. The corresponding potential coincides with the experimental binding energy potential not only for 2H, but also for 4He as shown on the presentation above. Physically, the inflection point may be unstable, due to the point-like approximation of the electric charges. Up to now no other theory exists to obtain the binding energy of a nucleus with fundamental laws and constants only.


"The assumption of existence of a ‘hard’ core repulsion between nucleons."

Using a ‘hard’ core destroys the fundamental nature of the above calculation. The horizontal inflection point is characteristic of a nucleus, here 2H or 4He as shown on the presentation above.