B. Schaeffer,

Nuclear Scattering is electric at low kinetic energy and magnetic at high kinetic energy.

The electric and magnetic forces were discovered qualitatively 2 millenaries ago by Thales, and quantitatively by Coulomb and Poisson, two centuries ago.

Rutherford discovered the electric scattering with a -2 slope in logarithmic scales.  At high kinetic energies, the not so "anomalous" scattering has a slope -6, magnetic, never noticed before:


Generalised Rutherford scattering is electric or magnetic
at low or high kinetic energy.


Nuclear Energy is Electromagnetic

Deuteron 2H and  α particule 4He binding energies calculated graphically:

2H_4HeAssuming that the deuteron 2H has one proton with one +e charge and one neutron +e and -e charges, separated by 2a, adjusted to the single horizontal inflection point. The electric attraction is equilibrated statically by the magnetic repulsion, function of the neutron-proton separation distance rnp and the electric 2a charges separation.  As by chance, the binding energies of 2H and 4He coincide with their horizontal inflection points.



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