11 novembre 2015

Nuclear models

It is known since one century that nuclear energy is of the order of one million times more concentrated, in the same mass, than chemical energy.The radius of the atomic nucleus is, indeed, of the order of one million times smaller than that of a molecule. This is because the chemical and nuclear binding energies are of the same electric nature : they obey both to the Coulomb's laws, in 1/r where r is the radius of either a nucleus or a molecule. No need of a mysterious "strong force". According to Einstein, the energy of an... [Lire la suite]

30 septembre 2015

Two or 4 Forces of Nature ?

It is usually believed that there exists four forces like the four musketeers: gravitation, electromagnetic, strong, weak. The first two forces, gravitation and electrostatic are known since  two centuries. The electric force is in 1/r²  and 1/r for the potential. Similarly, The magnetic force in 1/r⁴ and its potential in 1/r³. The strong and weak forces remain hypothetical: their fundamental laws are ignored. The strong force, varies, depending of the taste of the scientist, from 10, 137 to 1000 times... [Lire la suite]